What patients are saying…

“As a first-time acupuncture patient with a fear of needles, I was nervous for my first appointment; those nerves faded immediately upon working with Lee. When you meet Lee you feel like you are seeing an old friend. He has a gentle energy which immediately puts you at ease. He is also very intuitive a wonderful listener and focused which makes him a great healer.

I went to see Lee for inflammation and challenges with my Lymphatic and Digestive systems. He walked me step by step through what was going on in my body and the protocol which we would employ to treat it. Since seeing him, my leg hasn’t swelled (I’ve lived with swelling for over ten years!), and I feel more energetic.

Lee really cares about his patients and gives advice and knowledge freely to allow patients to feel at ease and empowered. And he has two convenient offices in Scarsdale and NYC.

I can’t say enough good about him and am grateful to have him as my practitioner. If you have never had acupuncture and/or are on-the-fence about trying it or other types of alternative medicine and therapy, Lee is highly recommended!”

– Val B.

“After 6 months of chronic severe pain following shoulder surgery I had exhausted every option with no luck getting relief. I had tried everything from daily PT, massage, multiple doctors and even prescription pain killers but nothing helped. After ONE session with Lee my pain was gone!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! I feel like I finally have my life back.

Lee took the time to really listen and customize the treatment specifically to my issues. I have tried accupuncture before but this was a completely different experience! I also brought my brother for a treatment after he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I am so grateful that a session with Lee helped lift his spirits and calm his anxiety. No matter what your concerns you need Lee in your life!!”

– Keren G.

“I have been seeing Lee for over a decade for a variety of issues but mainly for hormonal balancing and pain management. The thing I enjoy the most about seeing Lee is he is always up to date on the latest alternative healing modalities and combines multiple tools and tactics into each session. There are no cookie cutter sessions and he takes great care to listen to you and create a treatment unique to you.

His bedside manner is so warm and understanding and I feel safe to share freely without judgement, which for me is a huge. I also love the environment he creates for his sessions down to the music, essential oils filing the room, and heated water beds that give an added level of luxury to the session. He also has a wide knowledge of nutrition, herbs and alternative therapies to add a holistic support system to enhance healing. I don’t trust my health to just anyone but Lee I would recommend to everyone!”

– Caitlin C.

“I came to Lee’s sessions with bad posture and lower back pain, a few years ago. That very first session brought instant relief and healing to my body.

Not only has his unique acupuncture and cupping technique relieved the pain, but his sessions have brought a deep and transformative state of relaxation into my life. Lee offers balance, nourishment and healing in every session and they have become an indispensable part of my self-care. His gifts as a healer cannot fully be described in words but only experienced. Absolutely as good as it gets.”

– M.N.

“A friend of mine had been raving about Lee for over a year before I finally decided to get in touch, and I’m so glad that I did. In the time I’ve been seeing Lee, he has helped me to manage my anxiety and stress through acupuncture and, much to my surprise, through his wise and thoughtful guidance. He has helped me to keep a positive frame of mind around what can feel like a relentlessly negative and stressful time, and has guided me through the process of self-knowledge and healing.

Lee is more than just an acupuncturist; he is a master of Chinese Medicines, offering a wide variety of breathing techniques, aromatherapy, tools, natural supplements, therapies and much more.

I am so grateful to have found Lee, as he has helped nurture and guide me towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.”

– Michelle R.

“I’ve have been a client of Lee’s for over two years now. I work in a high stress industry and decided to give acupuncture a try, with the hope it would help alleviate some of my stress. While I’ve tried acupuncture in the past, when I had Bells Palsy, this was the first time I tried it as a preventative / maintenance treatment. I definitely saw results after a few sessions and have now become a weekly client of Lee’s.

What sets him apart from others is that he incorporates a variety of holistic treatments, beyond acupuncture, into his sessions. He has incorporated essential oils, crystal healing, cupping therapy and sound healing into many of my sessions. As if that isn’t enough, the treatment takes place on a massage table with a water mattress that elevates the experience to a whole new level! I no longer refer to Lee as my acupuncturist because he offers so much more than that in his sessions. I would highly recommend Lee and promise you will not be disappointed!”

– Brian O.

“Lee’s approach to healing is very comprehensive and intuitive. You first come in and share with him your health related concerns (if any). From there, Lee starts using his extensive training and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine to embark in a journey to discover where you have blockages (of any nature). From there, he designs a unique healing experience using a combination of acupuncture, reiki, cupping, energetic stones & crystals, essential oils, light and sound therapy.

The healing starts within minutes and you get mesmerized with the entire experience. He then makes recommendations and also starts a conversation with you to create consciousness around your health, a conversation that empowers you to integrate the experience once you leave his office.”

– Christian S.

“Lee has been instrumental in my own healing process. His care and attention to detail is unlike many other practitioners. When I was dealing with a chronic back issue, hip and neck issues, Lee was one of the few practitioners I trusted to help guide me along my process. I highly recommend a session with Lee if there is something physically you have been struggling with or something you might want to get another perspective on.”

– Loren A.


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