Acupuncture Treatment for Insomnia Without the Side Effects

When you find it hard to sleep and it begins to impact your life, you might try almost anything to seek relief from your problem. One of the most beneficial and interesting ways to treat insomnia is to try out a very old, proven alternative treatment. One really good ancient alternative insomnia treatment is acupuncture.

Acupuncture might seem an “odd” choice of treatment for sleeplessness to many people, but the fact is a lot of societies and cultures have used acupuncture treatment for insomnia for thousands of years. This old Chinese form of treatment has also been successfully used to treat a wide range of conditions such as pain, addiction, depression, stress and anxiety among others.

To understand how acupuncture can help with insomnia, it is important to determine the underlying causes of insomnia. When these causes are known, the right type of acupuncture treatment can be utilized by your acupuncturist to successfully cure your condition.

Some of the underlying causes of insomnia are:

Pain – This factor is a very big reason why so many people develop insomnia. If pain is the reason, acupuncture treatment for insomnia can definitely help since pain alleviation is one of the main reasons why people use acupuncture. When acupuncture helps control or lessens your pain and you are able to sleep soundly, it has done its job. For chronic pain, long-term treatments may be needed.

Addiction – Caffeine abuse or addiction is a good reason to get acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can be very effective in reducing addiction cravings, and while caffeine might seem like a minor addiction compared to nicotine, alcohol or drug addiction, it can still make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Anxiety and Stress – If the mind is unable to turn itself off at night, it may be very difficult to fall asleep. By addressing a person’s anxiety and stress, acupuncture therapy for insomnia cures the root reason for their inability to fall asleep. Acupuncture treatment for insomnia should always be followed by advice for coping with anxiety and stress for an effective holistic treatment. In fact, if an effective alternative treatment plan to handle anxiety and stress is adopted, several sessions of acupuncture treatment for insomnia may not be needed.

A life with insomnia is not considered real living by a lot of those suffering from it. Most types of conventional treatments may come with serious side effects, as opposed to acupuncture which assists the body in healing itself – and it can be especially effective when it is combined with other modalities to treat the root problems.

Usually, acupuncture treatment for insomnia might entail several sessions of therapy, particularly if stress reduction or pain management is also required. Following through can prove a big help for a lot of people. Acupuncture for insomnia has helped people for thousands of years and it can certainly help you too.

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Lee Schwalb, Lic.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist in New York, NY

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
— Thomas Edison.

“Acupuncture treatments are natural, safe, effective and drug-free. My goal is to activate the natural, self-healing abilities of your body to bring balance and prevent future illness and disease.”
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